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Pinned topic ResourceUnits in Detail not adding up to ResourceUnits in Summary

‏2013-02-05T21:36:53Z |
We noticed that for Batch CPU, the CIMSDetail does not add up to what is in CIMSSummary. We traced this issue to the fact that the BillDetail file has a granularity great than 5 decimal place and TUAM is truncating to 5 decimal places while loading the data. The Summary is also 5 decimal places but since its summarizing using the higher granularity from the Detail before the load it appears to be higher and more accurate.

The issue is because the CPU Time is in seconds and we convert this to hours by dividing using the Resource conversion stage as a/3600. There does not seem to be a round function that we can use to restrict the granularity to 5 decimal places.

Is there a way we can create a Resource element with 5 decimal places defined on the Mainframe Side so that we don't enounter this issue or is there a way to round before loading to TUAM.

The other option would be to increase the decimal places for the ResourceUnits field in the CIMSDetail table but that would be modifying the default supplied TUAM Table.

Any assistance on the best approach would be appreciated. Our users are noticing the differences between their Invoice and the Detail Report.
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    Re: ResourceUnits in Detail not adding up to ResourceUnits in Summary


    We opened a ticket with IBM.  They fixed this issue with a patch for us.