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Pinned topic Splash screen does not dismiss on iOS 5 (WL

‏2013-02-05T20:32:34Z |
Worklight (
Eclipse Indigo Service Release 2
Xcode 4.6
iOS 5.1.1
iOS devices tested on; iPhone 3GS & iPod touch (4th generation)

Starting with a clean WL project and iPhone target the splash screen will not dismiss when running on an actual device with iOS 5 after the first launch of the app (AutoHideSplashScreen is set to YES). When running in the simulator and when the device is tethered and running through Xcode the splash screen successfully dismisses as expected. After building to the device from Xcode and disconnecting the device, the next launch (and all subsequent launches) of the app will not dismiss the splash screen. It seems to have something to do with launches after the initial launch because doing an archive from Xcode and installing clean on the device results in the splash being dismissed on the first launch but all other launches fail to dismiss the splash screen.

Adding some debugging code to the CDVViewController's -(void)webViewDidFinishLoad: method shows that in the cases where the splash screen fails to dismiss, the superview is nil when accessed at line 486: self.view.superview bringSubviewToFront:self.webView;

The splash screen successfully dismisses in all cases when running on a device with iOS 6 as well as in the simulator regardless of the OS version.

To help I've attached an unmodified Xcode project created by Worklight Steps to reproduce:
• Tether iOS 5 device and build app to device
• App will launch and splash screen will dismiss
• Stop the app via Xcode
• Launch the app on device by tapping the icon
• The app will remain stuck on the splash screen
• Terminate the app from the background
• Launch the app on device by tapping the icon
• The app will remain stuck on the splash screen
• ...

Potentially related to the following post which was resolved with the release of

Am I missing something obvious here?


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    Re: Splash screen does not dismiss on iOS 5 (WL

    I don't have an iOS 5 device handy to personally verify, but I went ahead and opened an internal defect. I will update with any available information.