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‏2013-02-05T17:54:28Z |

I have been trying to generate the memory visualizer web based output on a phd file. I appear to not be getting an Out of memory error as that one is more obvious by the messages I get. But it is failing and it just says an internal error occuring during parser.

Where are the logs going, in the log directory under isa I don't get anything. Nor do I get anything in the case area I am working with.

Also I have been having some fun and games while setting the maxheapvalue in the start_mat file. I seem to have noticed if its too big I get no options showing in the tools panel. But again where would I see the logs for any failures on startup of the environment?

Thanks Bleddyn
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    Re: Log files in V5 BETA

    Hello Bleddyn,

    The easiest way to find all the logs is to run the ISA collector script. It's in the root of the ISA installation directory and it's named collect_isa.bat or depending on the OS. First shut down ISA and then run the script. It will produce a zip file that contains various logs and other information you might find useful. (Note: I've found that the built-in Windows zip utility sometimes won't open the zip. If you have that problem then try another archiving utility.)