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Pinned topic EMC Host Connectivity using VIOS and NPIV

‏2013-02-05T16:32:33Z |

We want to determine a solution for setting up dual VIOS with EMC storage presented to the client LPAR using VSCSI for rootvg and NPIV for data volumes.

How should we manage the mulitpathing aspect of the configuration for example:

we will install the necessary powerpath software and ODM filesets on the VIO server to manage the LUN attributes and load balancing however what additional filesets should be installed on the client lpar to utilize the load_balancing aspect from the client?

I've seen on a HDLM configuration that the VIO server has the necessary DLM software and ODM patches but the OS only uses native MPIO

any advise or suggestions are greatly appreciated


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  • dukessd
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    Re: EMC Host Connectivity using VIOS and NPIV

    Is the vscsi client rootvg to be backed by local scsi disks or the EMC storage?

    If you are thinking the client rootvg on vscsi is going to be backed by EMC storage configured on the vios then forget vscsi and go all npiv.

    If you are using EMC on the VIOS disks then you'll need the EMC software on the VIOS and on the client for its npiv disks.

    If the VIOS is only on local disks and all the client backing disks are on EMC then forget vscsi and then you'll only need the EMC software on the clients.

  • chlawren
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    Re: EMC Host Connectivity using VIOS and NPIV

    ok the VIOS lun are on internal to the frame and the client luns are from EMC storage

    we have limitted licencing on the powerpath software so wont be able to install this on all clients

    so the question is can I still get load_balancing with native MPIO and the EMC ODM filesets?

  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: EMC Host Connectivity using VIOS and NPIV


    In NPIV configuration, in the VIOS do not see the physical disks SAN of LPARs.
    So EMC is not useful on the VIOS, but essential to the lpar

    Best regards