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Hello all, I am using DOORS 9.3 and wondering if the following features can be implemented using DXL:

In a module, there a two columns: A and B. Column A is filled with values for each object in the module, and column B is blank. Outside DOORS, there is a lookup table (in .txt or .csv...) based on the values in column A. By running a DXL script, the object is read in one by one. For object i, the scripts reads the value in column A of object i, then looks up the table, finds the corresponding value according to the value in column A, and fills in to column B of the specific object with that value.

I have looked up the DXL manul, but have not found anything similar. Could anyone shed some light on this problem? Thank you very much.
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    Re: Automatic input of attribute values

    You don't need a DXL. Forget "Columns", A and B are text or string attributes. It won't matter if they are in your view or not.

    Put the exact names of A and B at the top of the Excel spread sheet. Save-as format CSV or TSV. Import that spread sheet, "as per column labels", defining A as the "Key" (which it asks after you say Import).

    I would make a playground copy of your module since you are going to make about 8 mistakes before you get it right. Write down each step you take along the way.