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Pinned topic Images not available for our account

‏2013-02-05T10:32:44Z |
1. What is a general and brief description of the problem that you are encountering (in less than 250 characters)?
I got trial account but when I log on I canot see no images.

2. What was the the IBM ID (e-mail ID) used to access the trial? Example:

3. What was the timestamp (date & time) with time zone when you encountered a problem for your request/action? Example: June 27, 2012 1:00 PM Eastern Time

11:30 5.2.2013
4. What type of problem are you having?: Image, Service Instance, Version, Storage, Sever, or Other
For Image type, provide Image name and Image id:
For Service instance type, provide Service Instance name, Service Instance id and Service status:
For Version type, provide the Version number (located in browser window lower right):
For Storage type, provide Storage name and Storage id:
For Server type, provide Server id and Server IP address:
For Other type, provide a screenshot:

5. What were the individual steps that you took prior to but leading up to the action?
Login to account,
Click Images
No images shown.

6. What is the browser type and version that you are using when you have encountered this problem? Example: Google Chrome m
Chrome,IE, Firefox
7. What is the operating system and version that you have on your client machine when you have encountered this problem? Example: Microsfot Windows XP Professional, Version 2002, Service Pack 3
8. If you are able to duplicate the problem, what are the steps that you take to the lead up of encountering the problem?

9. What additional relevant Information can you provide to help quickly diagnose your problem?
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    Re: Images not available for our account


    Please confirm, you click on Images tab.

    Click Add images. Select Data center, use default types 'Any' , then click on arrow for "*" and you have no listings?

    What image are you looking for? See attachement.