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Pinned topic PostFilterPlugin - No Reaktion / No Call (ICA 3.0.01)

‏2013-02-05T09:48:30Z |

based on the guide to develop a custom post filter plugin ( http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/analytic/v3r0m0/topic/com.ibm.discovery.es.ap.doc/iiyspplugpostfilter.htm) i tried to set up a sample post filter plugin.

For test reason i streped it down to :


boolean verifyUserAccess(SecurityPostFilterResult result) 

throws SecurityPostFilterPluginException 



But i still get all results:

TestCollection (ICA on WAS on Windows 2008 R2 (All German Installation)) :

Secure Collection, with one FileSystemCrawler (already tested with recraws with all availiby security configuration combination).

The PostFiltering is activated in the Doc-Level-Security and my plugin is linked in the config.properties.

I restarted already a cupple of times ICA (esadmin system stop/startall) and even the hole Maschin.

Any logfiles i know, don't show any errors, it seams that ICA just ignores my plugin.
Have you any ideas what else to test/check/try/configer??

Thank you for your thoughts.

  • dikkini
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    Re: PostFilterPlugin - No Reaktion / No Call (ICA 3.0.01)


    Try return false for some result