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Pinned topic DTCN Profile View in RDz V8.5.0

‏2013-02-05T08:23:13Z |

in RDz V8.5.0. it seems that the DTCN Plugin is already integrated.
But to make work the View "DTCN Server Profiles" you have to establish
a connection to CICS via Prefrences.

But in the preferences I have no possibility to save to IP and port
of the CICS region in which I want to create a DTCN Profile.

Do I have to install the DTCN Profile Manager plugin again or
is there a new way to define the IP and port ?

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    Re: DTCN Profile View in RDz V8.5.0

    Hi Sven,
    RDz supports managing DTCN profiles through Debug configurations. If you'd like to see a list of all profiles in your CICS region, you're welcome to get the latest DTCN (server and local) profiles view, released in December 2012. Download the PD Tools plugins from

    1. DTCN Local Profiles : you can have numerous local profiles on your workstation, select one of them and push it to the server
    2. DTCN Server Profiles : you can see a list of all DTCN server profiles

    If you're a long-time Eclipse user and as most would love to, you could leverage the CICS Debug configurations. If you like a view or editor displaying the DTCN profile contents (local and server) you have the choice of using DTCN Local Profiles and DTCN Server Profiles views. For the DTCN Server Profiles view, you have to click on the bottom right corner inside the view and establish the connection as that is how you're connected to the CICS region. You could alternatively use Host Connections > DTCN and connect to the CICS region.

    I hope this helps.