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Pinned topic How to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics AX?

‏2013-02-05T07:11:53Z |
Hello experts,


We are going to propose CI to our potential client who have Microsoft Dynamics AX(version unknown).


I know IBM offers "Microsoft Dynamics Integration ".
So, I searched TIP(s) for Dynamics AX, but I couldn't find nothing about it.
(Although there are a lot of TIP(s) for Dynamics GP...)

I think CI does not have neither endpoint nor TIP(s) for Dynamics AX, that is to say that we have three options to integrate with Dynamics AX using general endpoint as below,

1. Using ftp endpoint. (XML file exchange.)
2. Using database endpoint.
3. Using web service endpoint. ( after AX2009)

Is that right?
And so, which is the general way to integrate?
Have anyone integrated with Dynamics AX?

Any idea is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.