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Pinned topic Database Directory: Delete Indirect entry type

‏2013-02-05T06:36:22Z |

For some reason, I wanted to use remote entry type(TCP/IP protocol) instead of Indirect(why called 'Indirect', it is the same as IPC standing for interprocess communication?) when the DB2 client and server reside in the same machine.


What I did is I deleted the directory with Indirect type and recreate a remote directory with the same db name. But I got the follow error when I try to connect to the database.(It is ok if i use a different name to create the remote directory)
SQL1224N The database manager is not able to accept new requests, has terminated all requests in progress, or has terminated the specified request
because of an error or a forced interrupt. SQLSTATE=55032

Does any one encounter this problem before? Is there any official documentation specify why this is happened?
Ricky Ru
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    Re: Database Directory: Delete Indirect entry type

    Hi Ricky,

    The first thing to try is a refresh of the catalog cache: db2 terminate,
    You often get the -1224 if a preexisting db2bp session is accessing the cached data.

    If this doesn't work then we'll need to look a little deeper.

    Best regards,Stephen Levett