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Pinned topic File/exit in RDp 8.5 does not kill the active job running on the IBM i

‏2013-02-04T21:11:29Z |
Using Remote Systems access, we signon on to an application on the IBM i from RDp 8.5. A logon screen comes up and we successfully log 1st onto the IBM i mainframe, and then another log in screen comes up and we log into the application on the IBM i. All is well until we use File/exit to get out of RDp. Most of the time, the connection to the IBM i successfully terminates, thus freeing up a licensed seat for the application. However, sometimes, the job on the IBM i that is the signon to the application remains running. This can cause other users to be locked out if the number of licenses is exceeded. But RDp 8.5 is no longer running, so the job should not be active.

Is there a way to override the File/exit method in RDp 8.5? If I could extend this code, I could force a shutdown of the application running on the IBM i.