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Pinned topic InfoSphere Streams V3.0 Fix Packs will be available as entitled downloads

‏2013-02-04T18:47:30Z |
Starting in 2013, IBM® InfoSphere® Streams Version 3.0 Fix Packs will be available as entitled downloads on the IBM Fix Central web site. Users are entitled through either of the following ways:
- As an authorized user for technical support for IBM InfoSphere Streams under IBM Service Request
- As a user authorized to download IBM InfoSphere Streams under Passport Advantage

If you are already entitled to IBM InfoSphere Streams, including maintenance level upgrades, through the Passport Advantage program, then you should be able to acquire fixes for this product through Fix Central using the same ID as for Passport Advantage.

For instructions on accessing entitled content for IBM Service Request or Passport Advantage users, see the Fix Central help page:

As an additional resource for IBM Service Request users, there's a blog post that describes how to link your IBM ID to your IBM Customer Number (ICN):

Linking an IBM ID to an ICN does not establish entitlement to support, updates or other Fix Central downloads. ICNs, including those you associate with your IBM ID, are subject to validation by IBM. IBM will attempt to notify you if a request to link your IBM ID to your ICN has been rejected.