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Pinned topic Setting ApplIdentityData in JMS

‏2013-02-04T16:42:05Z |
I'm trying to do some B2B MQ, and our vendor is requiring the ApplIdentityData be set.

Using JMS, we are already setting the following:

message.setStringProperty(JmsConstants.JMS_IBM_MQMD_APPLIDENTITYDATA, "somevalue");


With this, the queue browse still doesn't show the applidentity as expected. See below.

My MQ admin tells me the following:

"But what I’m not seeing is anything setting the correct options when the Message is actually Put to the Queue. Outside of the JMS world, these are the MQPMO_* Put Message Options that get OR’ed together and control the characteristics of the specific Message being Put to the Queue. Perhaps there is something we’re missing with the JmsTemplate.send() method or whatever method you’re using?"

Unfortunately, I've scanned all morning, and cannot find any resources that tell how to do what he's requesting. Any suggestions?

MQEncoding :0x'222'
CCSID :437
Format :'MQSTR '
Priority :4
Persistence :1 (Persistent)
Message Id :414D5120434144414D414E202020202050DE80E92FDE771E
'AMQ CADAMAN P.../.w.'
Correl. Id :000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Backout Cnt. :0
ReplyToQMgr :'U03T75100 '
UserId :' '
ApplIdentity :' '
PutApplType :0 (No Context)
PutApplName :' '
Put Date :' '
Put Time :' '
ApplOriginDat:' '
Group Id :000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000