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Pinned topic What happens if we don't install on the C drive in Windows?

‏2013-02-04T12:56:00Z |

I just noticed that one of the limitations with the V5 BETA 2 says

  • On Windows systems, the IBM Support Assistant application must be installed
on the C: drive

What happens if we don't install on the C drive, we typically limit what is installed there and so have minimal space what would we lose? One thing for example I have found is if I use any of the web based tools they appear to ask for the /PMR directory but where would it be looking for that directory?

Thanks Bleddyn
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    Re: What happens if we don't install on the C drive in Windows?


    At this time we unfortunately do not support running ISA5 Beta 2 on anything other that C: drive at the moment. What you will experience is ISA 5 Beta 2 will load successfully on the alternate drive and some of the functionality will work but when for example you goto Scan a Ticket you will experience errors with utility as you will see in the generated P1PD log file noting that the invocation does not include the drive letter in the system properties to allow the scan to function correctly.

    With regards to your second question on the Web Based tools seeking the /PMR directory if you can provide a screen shot of what your are seeing I can better address your question.


    John Vasquez
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    Re: What happens if we don't install on the C drive in Windows?

    Hi Bleddyn,

    This reply is about your question on the PMR directory.

    If you've ever worked with IBM technical support they probably assigned a PMR number to work the problem. PMRs are what IBM uses to track problems reported by customers. They're analogous to the Cases in ISA.

    You won't find a PMR directory with ISA because it doesn't use PMRs. This sounds like you might have encountered a defect related to launching a PD tool from the Tools tab when there isn't a case selected. When that happens a file browser window opens and shows a folder named "PMR" with no folders or files beneath it. To solve the problem make sure you have a case loaded before attempting to launch tools from the Tools tab. What are the circumstances when you see a reference to the PMR directory?