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Pinned topic Unable to install 8.7 user creation error

‏2013-02-04T09:06:24Z |

I am trying to install Information Server 8.7 on my laptop (8GB Memory, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6) and everytime the install application tries to create a user the following happens:

I get a message saying the user has been created, then I get a message saying the password is wrong (See attachment).
Error Message: CDIIN2033E: USER ID xmeta already exists. But, the password is incorrect. Please provide correct password or choose a different User ID.

This I think is really odd, given that the program is also creating the user.

I also got this message when trying to create database users - however I got round that by installing DB2 9.7 Enterprise Edition on my machine initially.

I have also used the 'passwd' command to update the password to the one that I entered for user creation - however I still get the same error message.

This is getting really annoying, can someone please help?

Benjamin Janes