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Pinned topic WebSphere Message Broker v8 issue with mapping node

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Hi Guys,

We are implementing a WebSphere Message Broker v8 solution on AIX environment. Our issue is that whenever a request comes to the mapping node, mapping node takes a lot of time to process the request. Please note that this happens for the first request only. After that it processes the request very fast.

Kindly note that each time when a execution group is reloaded and / or a new deployment takes place, this issue occurs for the first request.

This is very critical as we will be integrating channels like ATM and POS machines where this might cause a SLA failure.

Would appreciate your help in this regards.
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    Re: WebSphere Message Broker v8 issue with mapping node

    I think this is 'working as designed'. One obvious solution is push a few messages through the flow(s) after deploying them. You could put it into the scripts that do the deployment.