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Pinned topic On AIX 7.1, linker not seeing all .o's when run with kernel extension

‏2013-02-03T02:43:30Z |
Hello all,
I am porting from AIX 5.3 to AIX 7.1 a kernel extension for a virtual file system. It can be mounted over a directory in another file system. When you request a file in a directory in the file system, the kernel extension searches for the file along a given set of directories. I've fixed a few problems with help from others and have run into another one where I'd like some help again.

When I try to link multiple .o's to create a binary, it appears the main part of the link operation is passed only the first .o. The link fails because the symbols from the all the other .o's are unresolved.

For example, I run this command, and from output from the loadmap, from truss and from the kernel extension trace facility, I see only the first .o is passed. However, I can't tell why this is so. Any ideas why the subsequent .o's aren't being passed? I can provide more trace information if needed.

/usr/vacpp/bin/xlC_r HelloWorld.o HelloWorldFunc.o -blibpath:/usr/vacpp/lib:/usr/lib:/lib -o HelloWorld
Loadmap output:
exec: export(export,XL_CONFIG=/etc/vac.cfg.71:xlC_r,NULL)
exec: /bin/ld(ld,-b32,/lib/crt0.o,/lib/crti.o,-bpT:0x10000000,-bpD:0x20000000,HelloWorld.o,HelloWorldFunc.o,-blibpath:/usr/vacpp/lib:/usr/lib:/lib,-o,HelloWorld,-bloadmap:myloadmap,-bnoquiet,-bcdtors:all:0:s,-btmplrename,-L/usr/vac/lib,-lxlopt,-lxlipa,-lxl,-L/usr/vacpp/lib,-lC,-lpthreads,-lm,-lc,NULL) |
exec: /usr/vacpp/bin/c++filt(c++filt,-S,NULL) |
exec: /bin/sed(sed,/317.::virtual-fn-table-ptr$/ s/^\(.: \)*{*\(^}\)\(}.*\)::virtual-fn-table-ptr$/\1Virtual table for class "\2": Some possible causes are: first non-inline virtual function in "\2" is not defined; or the class is a template instantiation and an explicit instantiation definition of the class is missing./,NULL)
ld: 0711-317 ERROR: Undefined symbol: .sayHello()
(ld): halt 4
(ld): setopt tmplrename
(ld): setfflag 4
(ld): cdtors 0 all 0 s
(ld): savename HelloWorld
(ld): filelist 10 1 <<<<< This should be 11 instead of 10.
(ld): i /lib/crt0.o
(ld): i /lib/crti.o
(ld): i HelloWorld.o <<<<< HelloWorldFunc.o isn't here.
(ld): lib /usr/vac/lib/libxlopt.a
(ld): lib /usr/vac/lib/libxlipa.a
(ld): lib /usr/vac/lib/libxl.a
(ld): lib /usr/vacpp/lib/libC.a
(ld): lib /usr/lib/libpthreads.a
(ld): lib /usr/lib/libm.a
(ld): lib /usr/lib/libc.a

It may not matter...but from the kernel extension trace, I was surprised to see that the command seemed to be looking for "-oHelloWorld" and "-blibpath:" as if they are filenames.

Thank you very much for any help.
Curtis P. Meier