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Pinned topic path failure on aix lpar (vio client) is not picked up by Systems Director

‏2013-02-01T18:17:34Z |
On the vio client lpar, in the errpt I get a SC_DISK_ERR7 for hdisk0 with a Resource Type of vdisk. Description is "PATH HAS FAILED" and Type is PERM and Class is H. But Systems Director client is not picking up the event and sending to ISD server.

Raised PMR 51521-999. AIX 7.1

Now IBM PE says "diag does not have an application to look at errors logged against a pdDv uniquetype of disk/vscsi/vdisk. So error logged on an lpar will not cause diagnostics to create a service event for any management console. The virtual disks are not supported by AIX diagnostics. Precisely, HW events for virtual devices are not supported."

So even though event is logged in errpt, (both path failure and path recovery), IBM is saying Systems Director cannot pick this up.
I find this hard to believe.

Anyone encountered this issue and are there any workarounds ? I want to avoid writing script using errnotify since I don't have a full list of "unsupported" error identifiers ... also what's the point of using Systems Director for monitoring if it cannot pick up everything logged in errpt ? I might as well use errnotify to send out traps.