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‏2013-02-01T16:27:08Z |
Hi Team -
We are looking to have cube based cognos Reports which will be using user set preferences for filtering data. Mainly these preferences will be stored in db and then when user login after few days reports will be filtered.

As cognos cannot write data to db, we are planning to have separate page in .Net where users can modify and store the preferences.

Let me know if this is possible and thoughts for the same for a cube, also if there is any cognos proven practice for the same.

Thanks in Advance

Sarath K
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    Re: Cube based Reports & User Preferences

    Another thought for both your relational and OLAP scenarios.... Again in theory, you maybe able to get away with a CSVIdenity parameter map for each prompt which is fed off of a Database column.

    It maybe easier than the relationship approach and would be consistent for both cubes and relational packages.

    The CSVIdentity parameter map would swap out values based on the userid logged on. Keep in mind for OLAP filtering you would most likely want to store the dimensional object reference... Instead of 2004 for a relational year... it would be Cube.[H].[l]->PC.2004 which may complicate things a tiny bit.