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Pinned topic Power in domain 1 is higher than domain 2

‏2013-02-01T16:03:39Z |
Hi guys. I'm having an issue with my BCE.
Slot 3 -HS21
Slot 4 -HS22
Slot 5 -HS21
Slot 6 -HS21
Slot 7 -HS21
Slot 8 -HS21
Slot 9 -HS22
Slot10 -HS21
Slot11 -HS21
Slot12 -HS21
Slot13 -HS21

Using redundant with performance impact.
4- 2000W PSU.
Domain 1 2650W Total. using 663W
Domain 2 2650W Total. using 1009W

I'm just not understanding why the D2 is using so much more power than D1