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Pinned topic Help - 9.7.5 re-install loses existing db

‏2013-02-01T15:09:13Z |
Greetings. Somehow, a Windows 8 upgrade of Windows 7 hosed my DB2 Express installation, so I had to re-install 9.7.5. I used the same install specs as the original install but my existing db is not listed. Import can't find it and when I try to create a new db using the name of the original I get "The container that you are attempting to add has already been assigned
to the table space." but I can't find it within the Control Panel. The directory with the old node tree (including the needed db files) is still there. I do not have a current backup, just the original directory structure. Any ideas? Thanks.

Don Lawton
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    Re: Help - 9.7.5 re-install loses existing db

    Try to catalog the db using "db2 catalog db <db name> on <path>". Then, try connecting to the db.