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Pinned topic Outgoing message that includes MTOM and Digital Sig.

‏2013-02-01T15:02:16Z |
My customer is not able to accept a message from Datapower that contains MTOM encoding and a Digital Sig. In the wsp, a policy rule does this in order (for the outgoing message)...
Transform Base64 to MTOM
Digital Sign message
Verify Sig

The wsp Remote Endpoint Host is used to route message to customer.

When the customer gets the message, the first thing he sees is a CDATA tag.
What is causing that?
I don't think that tag is present when the MTOM transform happens.
Does Signing cause that?

Guess I need to open a PMR and I will (as soon as 30 minutes goes by; I locked myself out of IBM site).

Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Re: Outgoing message that includes MTOM and Digital Sig.

    First, please take a packet capture to see what really gets sent by DataPower ("Follow TCP Stream" in eg. Wireshark).

    If "<[CDATAhttp://...]>" really gets sent to the backend, then above information is not enough to help you.
    Please attach a small/simplified service export demonstrating the problem.
    And a sample request.

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