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Pinned topic Suspect links is to slow

‏2013-02-01T14:27:11Z |
We need to analyse the suspect links in a big module.
The use of >Analysis > Suspect links > Display indicator makes the module to be unusable due to the slowness. The use of Layout DXL, or the convertion to DXL attributo results almost the same slowness.

How can i improve the performance for that? Any idea?

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    Re: Suspect links is to slow

    Try opening all link source and target modules, so they are opened visibly. Check if this changes speed - we noticed a bug in DOORS 8.x with the exact same effects and the only workaround we found was to open the modules visibly. What seemed to happen is that the suspect link code seems to open and close the modules repeatedly, what causes the slowdown. What DOORS version are you using? Regards, Mathias

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