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Pinned topic Export variable view data into a rdbms table

‏2013-02-01T13:22:07Z |
Hi ,

Can you please let me know how to export "Variable View" data into a rdbms table ?

Thank you
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    Re: Export variable view data into a rdbms table

    It isn't practical to export Variable View into a single table, because it is not rectangular. Since each variable can have a varying number of missing value codes, value labels, and custom attributes, you would need a more complicated structure unless you shove all these values together into a single field with some reserved character as a separator or you create a row in the table for each value label etc for each variable, which would be very denormalized.

    However, all the metadata, i.e., the contents of Variable View, can be accessed with Python code, so you could then build Statistics datasets for the components are write these to a set of database tables.

    Jon Peck