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Pinned topic P740 with HMC Fresh Installation! From where should I start first?

‏2013-02-01T00:10:23Z |
Hello Experts,

I am quite new to IBM Power systems so please bear with me.

In short and sweet, I have to do a complete fresh installation of a IBM P740 server along with a HMC. At high level, the system comprise of two VIOS and three LPARs (initially) running AIX 7.1 (two LPARs) and 6.1.

since I am still new to Power systems, as mentioned before, I would like to know from where I should start first? What are things I should do? I have heard that it is necessary to do firmware updates and so on.

Anyway, it is highly appreciated, if you can provide a list of high-level steps that need to do / execute up to the point network setup in a AIX LPAR, so that I can drill down to each one of those steps to get better knowledge / understanding about the installation and configuration process.

NOTE: storage (includes disks and tapes) for LPARs come in two forms; one via virtual SCSI and other directly via vfc (i.e. SAN boot)

Thank you in advanced