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‏2013-01-31T22:44:02Z |
Rather than having static filter fields in a report/query (i.e. user filter fields like Contains, Equals, In, etc.), is there a way to create report with a filter field that does a lookup on existing data, i.e. lookup Classification or Organization Name?

The native TRIRIGA reporting functionality does not seem to provide that capability. Users are forced to have to remember/know exactly what they're looking for when populating a filter field. It would be more "useable" if the filter were a drop-down/lookup/selector field.
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    Re: Reports: Lookup Fields as Filters

    Hi Larry,

    This looks like a good usability enhancement. If you could, could you post it to the Request For Enhancement site:

    When submitting, choose:
    Brand: Tivoli
    Product family: Asset Management
    Product: IBM TRIRIGA Platform

    Also encourage you, your coworkers and piers in the industry to search the other RFE's, vote for your favorites, and make comments where you see fit.