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‏2013-01-31T20:35:21Z |
Hi All,
I recently upgraded to Cognos 10.2 64 bit on a windows 2008 single server. Secured with AD using kerberos authentication. Exact same set up with our old Cognos 8.4.1 on windows 2003 with the similar configuration. Single SignOn works and renders data as it should with MSAS security. However when there is a idle time out, browser does not log you back automatically when you click on an object within report studio or even run report in Cognos viewer. This worked fine (still does) in our old 8 environment. Browser has URL added to Trusted sites and enabled automatic authentication turned on. Any idea how to resolve this? Juat to clarify, the initial login is fine and seamless. This happens only after getting timed out. I have to click on log on and log off from file menu to reactivate the session in Report Studio. Also every now and then, the browser (irrespective of what type) hangs just before the prompt page. At times I will have to cancel two or three times and suddenly the prompt page pops up. Once the prompt comes up, report runs fine. No errors whatsoever. Just hangs and when it happens I can't open the system tab from Cognos Administration. Although I can browse through the folders within Cognos(real fast) but the reports don't execute. Only fix for now is to restart services. We really don't have many users (less than 60 over all) and at a time there may not be more than 3 or 4 users. Server has plenty disk space and has 32 GiG RAM. Without any errors it has been just shooting in the dark!