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‏2013-01-31T20:31:52Z |
Hello, I have one stand-alone IBM BPM Process-Server 8.0 and one stand-alone IBM Business Monitor server. The BPM are in remote cell from Business Monitor. I'm following Configuring event flow to a remote server at

I verify the remote IBM Business Monitor bus and service integration link and is correct.

Now I develop a test Process App in Process Center and install the snapshot into Process Server linked to it and the option "Enable for Business Monitoring" is selected on the Process Apps Settings page. The process app has one process definition and Auto-tracking is enabled for this process definition. I updated tracking definitions and check the performance data warehouse database from process center and the table "TG_NameProcessDefinition" was created.

As I said I took a snapshot of test process app and install it into Proces Server that is link with Business Monitor. The problem is that don't see the model deployed into Business Space or Business Monitor Administrative Console.

What I'm missing? Somebody has an idea to solve this problem?

Thanks a lot