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Pinned topic Process Designer inspector view - not switching between environments

‏2013-01-31T18:51:13Z |
We have noticed a strange bug with Process Designer and the inspector view. We have Development/Test/Production Process Servers and when we use the inspector view to connect to one of them it appears to get "stuck" on that environment, and will not switch. For example we first switch to "Development" in the drop-down and it shows the instances fine, but when we then switch to "Test" it is still showing the development instances. Same thing with production. Switching back to PC appears to work fine. Changing the snapshot does not make a difference and all environment have the same snapshot deployed anyway. The only solution seems to be restart Process Designer if we want to "reset" and choose another PS environment. Managing all environments simultaneously from one PD is impossible and we have been forced to launch one PD per environment.

Anyone else experienced anything like this?

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    Re: Process Designer inspector view - not switching between environments


    Hi Rhett - Did you resolve this issue?  We're seeing this behavior as well - v8.0.1.1.

    Regards - Ken

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    Re: Process Designer inspector view - not switching between environments


    This happened to me as well on 7.2.01. We're in the middle of an upgrade to and I haven't seen it yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened once we add additional environments.

    Based on my observations, it seems to have something to do with clustered environments. Our production and staging were both clustered, and the bug presented itself when attempting to switch between them, but it always seem to work fine switching between test and the other environments, and test was a non- clustered environment.