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Pinned topic X3250M4 Power Cable for SATA or IDE Device

‏2013-01-31T15:15:09Z |

Wonder if someone can advise us. We just received an X3250M4 Rackmount Server. However, we are not able to find any spare power cable (SATA or IDE) to be used for additional devices.

1. We plan to add a USB3.0 PCIE Card Extension into the X3250M4 server. This PCIE Card will require external power cable from the Power Supply which is a 4 PIN MOLEX (Standard IDE) Power Cable.

2. On the x3100M4 or x3400M3 tower servers, we can get a SATA to 4 PIN MOLEX power cable and we are able to get the PCIE Card powered up and start to use a USB3.0 interface for the servers. (Refer attached USB3 Pix.jpg)

3. However, in the X3250M4, we noticed the only spare POWER cable available (using just a single PSU) is a square adaptor labelled as P3.

Kindly advise how we can convert the P3 adaptor to a useable 4 PIN MOLEX Power Cable? Or, is there a cable we can purchase to plug into the IBM x3250M4 server from a a spare power point in the X3250M4 motherboard? The model for the X3250M4 is 258372A with a Single PSU.

Appreciate some assistance.
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    Re: X3250M4 Power Cable for SATA or IDE Device

    I have the same problem with a X3100 server. Need to use a pci-e card with a standard molex adapter and didn't know where to plug it.