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Does anyone have experience with using a Windows 2008R2 only GPFS cluster where a directory of the filesystem is shared using windows file sharing (CIFS)? The windows desktop systems that will mount this share are in the same AD domain, and it would be very nice if the ACLs would be preserved in the share.

I'm going to set up a Proof of Concept cluster, and this will be one of the things I'll be testing. If the windows share does not work, we'll have to use a proven way which is using a Linux node in the cluster with Samba. This is not ideal I would say...

Maarten Kreuger
IBM STG Lab Services
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    Re: GPFS on Windows fileshare


    The Windows ACLs on GPFS objects should get propagated to the CIFS clients. Hence, if you do not set any other security restrictions on the CIFS share (on the GPFS node doing the CIFS serving), any access on the CIFS clients should get validated against the base (GPFS) ACLs on the CIFS server node.

    However, please be aware of the caveats for CIFS exporting from GPFS/Windows (check the GPFS FAQ for details).