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Pinned topic Report on multiple Rhapsody models into one document

‏2013-01-31T11:53:09Z |

Question: How would be the general approach to report from multiple Rhapsody Models into one document.

I my specific case I follow the Harmony SE approach for system models, where you have a central use case analysis model including use case diagram, use cases and actors.
For each individual use case I now have a seperate Rhapsody models defined for functional analysis.

For creating my documentation I would now like to start with the central document and branch out to the detail models for further information gathering.

How can I store the referenced model within a dedicated use case and is RPE in principle able to open further Rhapsody models for document generation.

I am currently working with Rhapsody and the models are saved in files (no design manager).

On any help how to approach the template generation in this case I would be very thankful.

Best regards,
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    Re: Report on multiple Rhapsody models into one document

    Hi Sascha

    If you are not using Design Manager then to report on a model - that model must be open in Rhapsody and Rhapsody must have it's REST server running.

    So - you could load the multiple projects into Rhapsody using File > Insert Model and then report on them. (the top level container is Projects/Project)