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I am new to wmb.I want to convert incoming xml message to swift message.What all steps I should follow to achive the steps that i should follow to create the message set.I am confused with thses message sets.I should create message sets and defenitions for xml or swift?Please help
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    Re: Message Sets

    It depends on which version of WMB you are using.

    If you are using WMB v8, then you should not be using message sets at all. You use the DFDL domain for handling non-XML formats.

    For all versions of WMB, XMLNSC is the only parser you need when working with XML.

    In v6/v7 XMLNSC can ( optionally ) use a message set for validating the XML against the message definitions.
    In v8, XMLNSC does not need a message set for validating the XML - you just deploy the xsds to the 'application'.

    SWIFT is a difficult format to deal with. You should consider purchasing this IBM solution: