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Pinned topic email notification problem,work but then stop

‏2013-01-31T08:47:40Z |
we have set up in the process engine the email notifications. we entered the email account parameters. then inside the workplacext ->parameters for each user we entered the email and the events that we want an email to be sent. so for instance when a new item comes to the inbox an email is sent. this works ok.

the problem is that we have noticed that the emails come but after some days they stop.this happens in irregular time, so once it happened after a couple of days, once after some hours etc. we cant see anything in the log concerning this. is there somewhere , a log , a trace something that we can read and understand what is going wrong?

the thing is that once the email stop coming, if we restart the process engine then all the emails that were not sent , do come all together. its like they are in a queue somewhere and if we restart it the queue works again all the emails come . of course again after some time they stop coming again. the workload is low at the time, we dont have more than 20 users and the emails that should be sent at each time are very few.

so where can we get information about what is happening and the emails notifications stop?

thank you