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Pinned topic Some problems about bpc in BPM8 advance

‏2013-01-31T01:59:35Z |
When I am installing BPM8 in Linux with Oracle database,I can't configure bpc in the says that configure bpc needs DB2 database.
I developed some applications in WPS6.1.2. Now I want deploy them on the BPM8's was ,it says not a same server type.I think that it said this because the BPM8 with Oracle lack of bpc's war .
I want to deploy these applications to BPM8 ,what can I do next? Please help me ,Thank you for reading
PS:I'm chineses ,My English is not good,Excuse me
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    Re: Some problems about bpc in BPM8 advance

    ‏2013-01-31T08:03:54Z  in response to lxshuangzi

    I can to help you install BPC on BPM8 environment with Oracle.
    I hope you use Advanced version.

    1. ISC - Application servers > server1 > Business Process Choreographer > Business Process Choreographer Containers
    2. Data Source > Set the same Schema Name and User Name. Set Password. Try Server as your DB hostname and Provider as Oracle. Set Create Tables. Set Password and Confirm Password in the last table.
    3. Press OK and Save.
    4. Goto Application servers > server1 > Business Process Choreographer Explorer and create new one.
    5. Create Schema with Schema Name and Password in Oracle DB.
    6. Restart your server.

    Vladlen |