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Pinned topic zTPM_SMAPI_Request workflow fails

‏2013-01-30T19:02:12Z |
So I finally have TPM 7.2.1 install in SLES 11sp1 on System z. I've run the zTPM_zVM_HostPlatform_Define workflow to setup up my Host Platform. Now I've trying to verify if I can communicate with SMAPI running z/VM. I tried running zTPM_SMAPI_Request workflow. Filling in the Hostplatform with the host named used in the Define. and using levelquery for Function. This workflow fails with the following.

COPQLX005E The query cannot be run. A run error occurred when the system ran the Invalid character found in a character string argument of the function "DECFLOAT".. SQLCODE=-420, SQLSTATE=22018, DRIVER=3.57.110.

Google search on COPQLX005E does not help at all.

Any idea where I can search within Linux that may give me a clue as to what happened? It appears to be a DB2 problem.
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    Re: zTPM_SMAPI_Request workflow fails

    For those keeping score - the problem was that I filled in the host name (miszvm.s390.mainline) instead of using the search button to find the Value of the host name (6287).