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‏2013-01-30T17:23:36Z |
Sometimes when running Migration Tool 3.5 on RSA 8.5.4 I get the error "JVM terminated. Exit code=160".
Every time I try to export the results to PDF or HTML, I get the same error.

I tried to increase JVM memory of eclipse with vm args as a minimal of 1024 and a maximum of 2048 but it did not solved.

Has anyone faced the same problem?
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    Re: Migration Tool problem -

    Hi Ricardo,
    We have not seen that issue, and it has not been reported on the Migration toolkit forum:

    Have you tried the 3.5.1 version of the toolkit? There were quite a few report enhancements in that version, but we did not hit your problem during development and test. Let me know if you can try the latest tool if you are not using it already. I can try 3.5.1 as well.

    Perhaps we should follow up on that toolkit forum.