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Pinned topic v7000 unified configuration error.

‏2013-01-30T16:18:54Z |
We have newly install Storwize® V7000 with two Storwize® V7000 unified systems.

After taken initial steps like USB key tool setup.

we can easily access Storwize® V7000 disk storage from the browser.

But we are unable to access Storwize® V7000 unified systems.

After taken some time it shows this error.

"Storwize V7000 Unified control .... 0BA4, Unable to attach to Storwize V7000 system. Private key files might not match"

see the attached picture of problem.

Some one guide us to resolve this issue.




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    Re: v7000 unified configuration error.

    Probably best to contact your IBM Support team; they'll be able to say what to do in this scenario.
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    Re: v7000 unified configuration error.




    Verify that the Ethernet cabling connections are seated properly between the
    Storwize V7000 Unified control enclosure and the customer network, as well
    as the file modules cabling to the customer network. Then press the Restart
    button if the management GUI has already started, otherwise, reinsert the USB
    flash drive into the original file module. The installation will continue from
    last good checkpoint.

    Step 2:

    The NAS private key is probably OK if you were able to start the management
    GUI, but if the USB flash drive step of initial set-up failed, then do the
    Retrieve the NAS private key from the Storwize V7000 by doing the following:
    v Create a text file with the following line:
    satask chnaskey -privkeyfile NAS.ppk
    v Save the file as satask.txt on the USB flash drive. Insert the USB flash drive
    into one of the top control enclosure USB ports and wait at least 20 seconds.
    Reinsert the USB flash drive into the original management node. The
    installation continues from the last good checkpoint.