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Pinned topic Read event code details by DP variable on error

‏2013-01-30T15:58:13Z |

We want to read some event code (0x80c00010) by some dp variable. is it possiable?

The back ground of this issue is to validate an incoming AS2 file using XSD and to send the error message back, if any.

The XSD validation is happening correctly using the 'Validate Action' in the MPGW policy and can view the error messages on the B2B Viewer Probe Logs.

But these error messages cannot be extracted using a Service Variable - 'var://service/error-message' which is holding a string - 'Dynamic Execution Error' and cannot see the actual error message appearing on the B2B Viewer.

Could you please help us to extract the error message getting displayed on the Viewer.

Many Thanks,