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Pinned topic Cognos 10 Java SDK - Run Report with Prompt Page with Queries

‏2013-01-30T15:45:28Z |

I am new to the Cognos Java SDK (Cognos 10.1). I am working on creating a batch process to run 3 different reports. I was able to get two of the reports to run perfectly.

The second report has queries on the prompt pages which generate additional parameters based on certain entered prompts (it uses javascript to process some of this) I need to "run" the prompt pages before the report runs.

I found the promptPaging functions and use the "forward" command to run through the prompt pages and then submit the report.

I can verify that the proper prompt pages are stepped through but the new parameters don't have any values in them.

How can I get the "forward" command (or some other command) to go through the prompt pages and run the queries/make the javascript run?

Changing the report is not an option unless it is a very simple page.

Thank you all for your assistance!