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Pinned topic WAS Liberty Profile - Custom Service

‏2013-01-30T14:53:05Z |
Hi we are trying to integrate CA APM Introscope monitoring with the Liberty Profile. We have it working via JXM but wanted to test via PMI.

In WAS Base / ND you need to register a custom service for the PowerpackForWebSphere_Agent.jar and enable it during server start up.

Does anyone know if Liberty supports the creation of a custom service ?

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    Re: WAS Liberty Profile - Custom Service

    We are working with the CA team on a way to enable the APM Introscope module for PMI (that is a custom service on WAS full profile) with the WAS Liberty profile.
    For JMX data, the Liberty configuration required for the APM java agent is described below and can be specified in the Liberty jvm.options file:

    # Set up CA APM Monitoring -javaagent:<path to>/Agent.jar -Dcom.wily.introscope.agentProfile=<path to>Agent/wily/IntroscopeAgent.profile -Dorg.osgi.framework.bootdelegation=com.wily.* -Dcom.wily.autoprobe.prependToJVMRuntimePath=<path to>vm.jar -Dcom.wily.introscope.agent.agentName=MYAGENT

    We have found no need for any packages on the bootdelegation property and nor did we find it necessary to specify the -Dorg.apache.aries.proxy.weaving.disabled property.