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Pinned topic how to merge the another branch new elements to parent dir .

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Hi All,

We are having elements in /main/bug1/Latest branch and we have to merge these elements to /main/emr/sol8_emr/locmkt/loct_sol10 branch .

Please let me know the command to merge in clearcase unix .

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    Re: how to merge the another branch new elements to parent dir .

    The findmerge man page is probably the best place to start. The process to perform the merge would be:
    1) Set into a view that selects the DESTINATION branch (which looks to be "/main/emr/sol8_emr/locmkt/loct_sol10")
    2) CD to the desired directory and run a findmerge command similar to the following:
    cleartool findmerge . -fversion /main/bug1/LATEST -merge

    This should give you a start to do the merges. This will merge the current directory (which will bring over directory entries for files added on the other branch) and then merge the files themselves.

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