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Pinned topic How to use AJAX in cognos report studio?

‏2013-01-30T09:14:51Z |
I'm having a report which is having 2 select lists and other stuffs also(including javascript).
In these 2 select lists, one depends on another select list. If I select a value in the parent select list, appropriate options related to the parent value should be loaded into the child select list. I can achieve this by using auto submit option. But it causes for performance issue. My intention is, whenever the user selects a option from the parent select list, only the child select list should be updated not the entire page again and again. I hope, this can be achieved by using AJAX call. Is there any possibility to use AJAX in Cognos reports?
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    Re: How to use AJAX in cognos report studio?

    Cascading prompts with an entire page refresh is a royal pain. I wish they would introduce iframe like functionality that would allow me to refresh certain containers.

    In a pinch, I find the following technique helpful when Iframes are not an option.