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Pinned topic How to Assign Current User at Runtime/Workflow?

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I have two Fields to Memebers in a Module in Focal Point. Say A and B.
I want A to be autmatically set as Requester at the time of creration of the request. I can do that by setting the Default Value of A as Current User in Add View.

I want B to be automatically set a Approver at the time of Approving the request in workflow.

Please help how to set B as current user at runtime i.e. get the details of the approver automatically.

Akul Moondra
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    Re: How to Assign Current User at Runtime/Workflow?

    Hi Akul,

    The solution which i can think of does not have the 'Current User in Add view'. Its not automatic, but reduces the steps for end-user. When the stage for approval is reached the approver will be presented a form where approver field is editable mandatory and the view would have current user as the only element

    You can achieve it with workflow. If you are new to Worflows,refer the topic Link: Defining Workflow in Rational Focalpoint

    1. Configure a view called Current User View with rule All elements in the Members module whose Element is Current user
    2. Share 'Current User View' with members who are to be approvers.
    3. Change the Approver(B) setup to point to Current User View as the target module, make it mandatory.
    4. In work flow definition at stage where approver has to be set, expose this field access "As (in) View".

    Hope this helps.