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Supposed I have three activities: A1, A2, and A3. They are performed by performer P. I want to create a diagram that shows the sequence in which P performs these activities. These activities do not exchange resources with each other. So I want a diagram that shows something like: A1 ---> A2 ---> A3. I cannot find a DODAF diagram in SA that lets me create such a thing. An OV-5b and OV-6c sort of does but in those diagrams the relationships between the activities are ActivityResourceOverlaps but as stated earlier, these Activities doe not exchange resources. What is the recommended way of doing this in DODAF and SA?
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    Re: sequencing activities

    An alternative might be to use a Business Process (BPMN) diagram. You might use the 'Sequence Flow' symbol between the two activities to show the sequence without having to further define/name the sequence itself (see attached example).

    We've also created our own OV-6c sequence diagrams where the activity/functions become the focus of control, and the ActivityResourceOverlap illustrates the sequence regardless of whether or not there is an actual resource exchange taking place (see attached example). We reverted back to the old style sequence diagrams, because we disagreed with the new DoDAF 2.0 /IBM interpretation of an OV-6c.