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Pinned topic merging/syncing encyclopedias

‏2013-01-29T20:52:21Z |
Is there a way to export/import just portions of an encyclopedia? Or is there a way to merge two encyclopedias? Since my team is not co-located and therefore cannot use a common SQL Server I need to be able to merge each member's work into a single encyclopedia.
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    Re: merging/syncing encyclopedias

    Going forward, you might consider setting up workspaces for each member and then use those to do merges:

    For current encyc merge:

    Search Help on Encyclopedia Merge:

    There are two merge/extract utilities:

    Merge Command, Tools Menu: This merge/extract facility has been present in the product for some time. It is accessed via the Tools > Merge and Tools > Extract menu choices.

    Enterprise Merge/Extract: This newer merge/extract facility is accessed via the explorer.