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Pinned topic ALBD_Server Error 2396 - Issue on single workstation

‏2013-01-29T19:46:44Z |
We install images on engineering workstations which contain Clearcase - there fore the prereqs should be same on all machines.
A single user now has an issue when starting up Clearcase. Services will not start automatically and he has to manually start them.

Version: Clearcase

ClearCase Error - Event ID 1024
Albd(2396): Error: albd_server must run in the cleacase group
User: xxxxxx\clearcase_albd

Through research I have found other error codes related to the albd_server. I came up empty handed when searching for this specific event.
I did not have much luck going over the resolutions for other albd_server errors.
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    Re: ALBD_Server Error 2396 - Issue on single workstation

    The number in parenthesis is not the error number, it is the process id of the albd process at the time of the message...

    You will probably see a 1067 error from the service control manager (Process terminated unexpectedly). The ALBD message itself means that the albd process could not verify its own membership in the "clearcase" group as defined at install time in the Windows registry. This often happens when the service starts too soon. There are a couple of ways to work around that in technote 1177467.

    Another option is to set the albd start type to "delayed start" which will wait until after all the other "automatic start" services have started Reference.

    This may mean that the albd isn't available at user login time, which in itself could cause issues if you have locally-hosted views.

    One final option is to disable fast user login. This would prevent any user or service that uses domain credentials from logging in until the network has fully come up. Reference

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