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Pinned topic Unable to pass object from pl-sql to wps

‏2013-01-29T15:51:50Z |
Hi Team

I am trying to pass an object to a different system via WPS 6.2. I am using WPS 6.2 and Oracle 10g.

I want to pass an array of objects returned from a Pl Sql procedure as an output to WPS. However, am unable the object values are not being currently received by WPS. WPS calls this procedure (PlSql), which returns an array of objects. However, it reads the object values as '???'. We tried to write them in an XML

<ErrorMessage>Accounts Details found for Customer with CRN=525Test_SP_TAM</ErrorMessage>

I hope I am posting the question in a comprehensive manner. Never worked with WPS before, it is a different team in our organization. Both of us are trying to solve the issue.

Thanks in anticipation