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Pinned topic How to create a new code tabe with some additional attributes

‏2013-01-29T10:24:48Z | mdm-migration

I created a code tables with one addition coulmn 'Inactive_Ind' and a reference to another code table scheme_tp_cd.
In this case I already have a code table cdschemetp whose scheme_tp_cd , I am referring in new code table addiiton. Its something on the similar lines of cdcontmethtp where I have a reference of cdcontmethcattp.
When I generate the code using work bench , perhaps To((transfer objects) not getting generated and the converter is also not in sync with OOTB code table converters.

Software Details:
Operating System - Windows XP (64 bit)
IBM MDM 10.0 DB2 9.7 ESE
RSA 8.0.4 (64 bit) with WAS7.0

Can some body please assist.