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‏2013-01-29T01:02:13Z |
Hi There

I'm new here (hi everyone!) and using jquery mobile for WL hybrid project where am trying to connect to the camera and I am facing following issues

1) Once WL is deployed, it tries connects back to the server services and when it fails, the app crashes. Is there any way to stop this. This is for standalone case

2) Whenever, am trying use camera feature it throws
01-26 11:56:03.273: E/(403): can't open '/mnt/sdcard/Android/data/com.Test/cache/Pic.jpg' on the emulator
I run and deploy with <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"/>
Still no luck

Appreciate all your kind help
  • IdanAdar
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    Re: WL opencamera

    ‏2013-01-29T06:15:07Z  in response to J49H_Joseph_george

    1) Make sure that in your_project\your_app\common\js\initOptions.js, connectOnStartup is set to 'false'.
    This will ensure that the application will not try to connect to the Worklight Server upon launch.

    Why you get this error is unknown, we'd need more details on your setup as well as logs.

    2) Have you tried to fully follow Cordova's sample of how to use the Camera?

    Idan Adar
    QA Engineer
    IBM Worklight Mobile Platform
    • J49H_Joseph_george
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      Re: WL opencamera

      ‏2013-01-29T12:11:25Z  in response to IdanAdar
      Thanks Idan for the advice. Appreciate that.

      With your suggested change, 1st error is gone.

      For the second one, i have attached the AndroidManifest.xml, html and js, logs and screenshot for your kind reference.
      Kindly take a look and advice if am missing something here

      Thanks and Regards


      • SystemAdmin
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        Re: WL opencamera

        ‏2013-02-08T00:35:50Z  in response to J49H_Joseph_george
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        See the Forum Migration announce post for more details. Thank you.

        Barbara Hampson, Manager, IBM Worklight